Every Day Should Start With a Coffee.

We have been drinking coffee for centuries, and its popularity has increased in current times to the point that it has passed tea drinking as the most popular beverage enjoyed by Australians. Your day doesn’t get off to a proper start until you get your first cup of coffee and after that, things just seem to fall into place. Many homes now, have a coffee maker which is one of the usual kitchen appliances like the microwave and the toaster. We are also spoilt for choice when it comes to coffee because we have access to many different kinds that are sourced from other countries all across the world. You could actually enjoy a different tasting cup of coffee for every day of the week. That’s how big the selection of coffee actually is. If you are still buying your coffee from coffee shops, then it’s likely that you’re paying too much for your coffee fix.

Thankfully, we can get coffee beans, coffee, coffee roasters and all things coffee, from our local supplier and this helps to save us an incredible amount of money. We also get to create our own kind of coffee and we get to enjoy it as many times a day that we wish. Coffee also comes with numerous health benefits and we will explore some of them here.

  • It assists with performance – As mentioned briefly before, it is really difficult to get your working day off to a solid start without first having your first cup of coffee. Having a coffee before you start work or before you do a workout, will allow your overall performance to improve by up to 12%. The reason coffee does this is because the caffeine helps to increase your adrenaline levels and this helps you to prepare for physical exertion or a hard day’s work.
  • It helps when losing weight – If you look at any weight loss product and specifically the ingredients, you will find that there is some element of coffee involved. Magnesium and potassium are contained within coffee and this helps to properly regulate your blood sugar levels and this reduces your constant need for sugary food. A few cups of coffee a day will help you to stay away from the things that you shouldn’t be eating, and this will allow you to consume less calories and lose more weight.

As well as tasting amazing, coffee helps to train your focus and to keep you alert throughout the day. When the next payday comes around, make sure that you invest in your coffee accoutrements to make sure that you get your day off to a running start.


Dane Faron

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