Some Fantastic Birthday Cake Designs That Look Real

The skill level of cake makers over the last few years has come on in leaps and bounds, and it is common now to see realistic looking cakes that are perfect for birthdays and other occasions. Many cakes are lifelike in appearance, and they almost look too fantastic to eat. If you have a birthday or a special occasion coming up that you want a cake for, you might want to consider having one made. Below are some realistic looking cake designs you can consider choosing that will be perfect for almost any occasion.

A Champagne Bottle Cake

If you are looking for a style of cake perfect for a celebration, you can consider looking at the bottle cakes available that look like Champagne bottles. They are incredibly realistic and are usually available in various styles. If you prefer Cristal champagne, you can have this bottle design made into a cake, and of course, you can also get the widely recognisable Moet champagne bottle. The cakes usually look like your favourite bottle of bubbly in a presentation case, and it is often hard to tell the difference between the real thing and the cake.

An Animal Cake

Another type of cake that is perfect for many occasions is a cake in the design of an animal, and there are many from which you can choose. There are usually plenty of cats and dog designs available, but there are often other types of animals you can choose from, including:

  • Tigers
  • Elephants
  • Lions
  • Zebras
  • Peacocks
  • Chimpanzees
  • Horses

A skilled cake maker will be able to design almost anything you want, so the possibilities are practically endless. Just ensure that you book your cake well before you need it to ensure the cake maker has time to do it. Trying to book one a short time before you want it can lead to disappointment, so it is best to book it early.

Everyday Items Made Into Cakes

There are cake makers that put their skills to the test and recreate everyday items in the form of a cake. From a box of eggs to a packet of Doritos, a skilled artisan can turn their hand to anything and make it into an ultra-realistic cake. They can do such a good job that you can put the cake next to the item it has copied, and you could hardly tell the difference until you cut not the cake. From cans of beer to a cup of coffee, if you have a picture of it, the cake designer can make your cake in almost any style imaginable. You can click here to see some of the designs you can consider that may knock your socks off.

Making cakes likes these takes a lot of skill and practice, and they also take time. If you want a bespoke cake made in a particular shape or style, remember to book it early and ensure the cake maker has a slot available for you. They are perfect for parties, celebrations, or just because you want a cool looking cake, and they often taste as good as they look.

Dane Faron

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