Flavorings/Extracts You Can Use to Spice Up Your Baked Goodies

Baking extracts are one of my favorite ways of changing the flavor of baked goods. This is especially true for those that use baking mixes or other recipes that have low-calorie content. Even if eating a low-calorie diet isn’t your goal, there is still a need to make smart decisions and avoid going overboard. Baking extracts can make a huge impact on your baked goods, oatmeal, and coffee. They don’t require any sugary sauces or other high-sugar flavoring agents.

In baking, extracts are vital. Extracts are subtle when applied correctly. You’d be able to notice the difference if they were left out. Extracts are very concentrated in flavor. They are made by extracting the oils of a highlighted ingredient and infusing them in a liquid base, usually alcohol. Vanilla is by far the most common and popular extract, but it’s not the only one worth trying. These delicious drops can be used in a variety of recipes, including coffee extract, citrus extract, and birthday cake extract. Check out this article for baking extracts and flavors you can use in spicing up your store-bought baking mixes.

Banana Extract

This fruity extract is not GMO, artificial flavor, color, or corn syrup, and it’s gluten-free. You can use it in your own muffins, cakes, cookies, and in different recipes.

Coffee Extract

A few drops of extract can add the rich, roasted taste of coffee to any cake. A coffee cake, perhaps made from a special type of cake mix, can be enhanced with coffee extract. It also works well in chocolate recipes. It can also be used to make a “cake for breakfast” argument. After all, coffee is for breakfast! You can add chocolate flavor to make a chocolate mocha cake.

Peppermint Extract

Around the holidays, peppermint extract is often a popular ingredient. Peppermint extract can be used to spice up cakes in many ways. Peppermint extract can make your cake more festive, whether you love the classic chocolate-peppermint combo or prefer peppermint-white chocolate. You can leave the mint extract out of the cake and add a small amount to the frosting if you prefer a light infusion. Peppermint extract can be used in a different way than mint extract. Make sure you get the right one for your dessert.

Lemon Oil

Although lemon oil will not make desserts tangy or acidic, juice is the best choice. However, it can be used as a simple flavoring agent to flavor cakes, frostings, and ice creams. You can also use small amounts to enhance the natural aromas of some fruits like blueberries or sweeten desserts with honey, lavender, and black tea.

Vanilla Extract

Vanilla is the most widely used baking extract. Vanilla adds a subtle yet distinct flavor to nearly any recipe. Vanilla beans steeped in alcohol make vanilla extract. Vanilla extract is widely used in desserts, including baked goods and ice cream. It’s also a great ingredient for savory dishes. It can be used in either water, dairy soluble water, or alcohol base.

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