Ido Fishman’s Tips to Bake the Perfect Cookies

Who doesn’t love cookies? There is nothing like a batch of homemade, warm cookies that come straight out of the oven. However, sometimes, no matter how much effort you make, they may not come out right. If you want your cookies to turn out to be perfect, you can use the following tips shared by expert Ido Fishman:

  • Read the recipe

This seems like an obvious one, but if you don’t read the whole recipe before starting, you might miss a few steps that can make a big difference in the final results. It is essential to know what to expect before you get started because this allows you to plan accordingly. There might be some prep required, like refrigerating overnight, and knowing this beforehand can be helpful.

  • Measure carefully

When it comes to baking, experts like Ido Fishman will tell you that attention to detail can be of the utmost importance. Baking tends to be more precise than other forms of cooking, so you have to measure the ingredients exactly. This should be done before you begin stirring, so all the ingredients are ready to go when needed. Use a liquid measure for wet ingredients, like a measuring pitcher.

  • Preheat

Don’t turn on the oven after you have put your carefully mixed, measured and portioned dough in it. Allow the oven to come up to temperature before baking can begin. Some ovens let you know when they have reached the right temperature; if yours doesn’t, you should give it 15 minutes before you start baking.

  • Make substitutions carefully

According to Ido Fishman, baking does tend to be a bit finicky. If you decide to make any changes to an existing recipe, you should only swap one or two items and be very careful about it. If you are unware of how to make substitutions in baking, then try to come across a recipe that already has the adjustments you are trying to make. Making substitutions can often result in disappointment, so you have to be prepared ahead of time.

  • When in doubt, refrigerate

If you are having a hard time handling your dough and it doesn’t seem to be holding it together, you can put it in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. A lot of recipes call for melted or softened butter, which gets warmer as you stir and mix if you are in a hot kitchen. Sometimes, the dough will be firm and nice and then you shape it with your hands and it starts falling apart. Shaping it will be easier after a quick visit to the fridge.

  • Portion them correctly

You need to take out your tablespoon or your cookie scoop measure and start divvying up the dough. If you are rolling them into balls, the Ido Fishman blog says that you should portion them up first as this will make adjustment easier. You can use a kitchen scale if you want to get things exact.

  • Give enough space

A lot of varieties of cookie dough will spread out some when they bake and this is a good thing. However, you don’t want the cookies to expand too much and stick to the others around them. It is best to space the baked goodies at least two inches apart, unless otherwise mentioned in the recipe. You can even use multiple cookie sheets if required.

  • Make sure they are not overdone

A number of classic cookie varieties, such as peanut butter, chocolate chip and coconut macaroons will be done when they begin to firm up and their edges turn golden brown. Ido Fishman says that other recipes need less time to bake, so you need to look at the signs to figure out when they are done. Stick to the recipe and keep an eye on the cookies to ensure you don’t overbake them. Make sure you set a timer and don’t wander from the kitchen.

Dane Faron

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