How to Eat Oysters Right

Summer is the best time to enjoy ocean-fresh seafood. One of the seafood items that people don’t miss is raw oyster. However, these mollusks can be intimidating for those who are eating them the first time. Indeed, even people who have been eating oysters might wonder whether or not they are eating oysters right. Fortunately, the pointers below can guide you through eating oysters properly:

Pay Attention to the Shell

Did you know that the shell of oysters indicates their meatiness? Oysters with polished and smooth-looking shells are farmed in a tumble bag. Because of the deeper cup, oysters tend to be meatier.

Go for the Green Shell

Usually, you don’t want to eat seafood covered in green stuff. However, this could indicate a tasty oyster. The green thing on the shell of oysters is called phytoplankton, the food they munch on. Because of the availability of more food for them, they become tastier and meatier.

Use your Fingers when Eating Oysters

In terms of raw oysters, you don’t have to stick to the use of utensils. Eating the meat directly from the shell is convenient and offers a complete experience of the oyster since you get to enjoy the flavor that the shell and liquid add to the dish. But, if you eat oysters at an Asian Cajun Seafood Restaurant and they give you a fork, feel free to use it.

Choose Lemon as the Condiment

Traditionally, raw oysters are served with a condiment or two like lemon wedges, a shallot mignonette, and a cocktail sauce. However, if you want to eat oyster like an expert, choose lemon alone and use just few drops to boost the oyster’s brightness. This way, you don’t end up overwhelming the oyster’s natural flavors.

Chew the Oyster

Oyster fanatics love to slurp down oyster like tequila; however, chewing it will let you taste it better. The sweetness of the shellfish is in the meat, so take your time chewing it to get the full experience.

Before, you cannot just eat oysters whenever you want because of some restrictions. Fortunately, with the development of many oyster farms in cold waters and the ability to monitor them for bacteria, it has become to eat oysters raw anytime. But, in general, oysters taste better in the late fall and early winter months since they are richer and plumber at this point of their lifecycle.

Dane Faron

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