Eating Sushi: Why you Must Do it More

Sushi is a famous Japanese food loved by even non-Japanese. While there are many types of sushi, the sushi rolls called Maki are the most popular among sushi fanatics. The popularity of this Japanese cuisine makes it possible to eat it without going to Japan itself. If you haven’t tried sushi in Vail, there are many reasons you must try it and eat more. They include:

Sushi is a Lean Food

Every time you visit a restaurant, you will surely want to avoid ordering something bathed in oils or butter. This makes sense if you are conscious about your health and weight. Fortunately, sushi is a lean choice for lunch or dinner. It is rich in protein and nutrients.

Sushi is Work of Art

While chefs can plate any food artistically, sushi is a true work of art. It is often made by experienced chefs. The work of creating and plating sushi can seem simple but it’s refined. Chefs are looking to come up with beautiful rolls and decorative garnishes, including items which compliment the look and taste of sushi.

It is Fun to Eat Sushi

Some types of sushi are eaten by chopsticks but nigiri sushi should be eaten by hand. This makes eating this cuisine quite interesting and entertaining. From picking out your favorite item to dipping sushi in the soy sauce and adding wasabi, everything you do when eating sushi is fun. The fun continues if you visit a sushi restaurant for something new. Whether you are dining with your family or friends, there is always something to talk about while eating sushi. A fish you haven’t tried, the way to cut a certain item on your plate, or the plate presentation will surely keep the conversation flowing.

You can Choose from a Lot of Sushi Items

When it comes to sushi, there are a lot of various options such as kinds of rolls, types of fish, cooked, or vegetarian which makes your trip to a sushi restaurant never boring. If you want something new in your next visit, you can simply ask the chef if they have anything special that day. With the many options in terms of how sushi can be prepared, a sushi meal doesn’t have to be the same thing twice.

Eating Sushi Let’s you Explore Japanese Culture

Sushi is an excellent way to explore Japanese culture without flying to Japan. For the Japanese, art is in the simplicity of things and sushi represents this quite well. The East and West fusion has provided more eccentricities while the Japanese culture’s creativity still shines.

Dane Faron

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