Eating at Little India in Denver: How to Maximize your Experience

Whether you want to expand the scope of your palate, or are feeling adventurous to try a unique cuisine, the best place to start is at an Indian restaurant. But, the experience can be daunting as there are many Indian cuisines to choose from.

Indian cuisine is diverse. Every corner of the country has a distinctive cuisine.hus, ask beforehand if a restaurant serves the certain sub-cuisine you want to try. The diversity of Indian cuisines means you have more options to explore and eat.

To get the most of your experience at an Indian restaurant such as Little India in Denver, consider these tips:

Start Familiarizing yourself with the Terms

Ensure you have some understanding of the common terms associated with Indian food to pick the right menu. Common menus in Indian restaurants can have words like makhani (a buttery gravy), or tadka (a mild gravy dish obtained from a tempering process). These words can usually be traced back to simple origins such as the preparation method or the kind of oven a dish is made in.  Being familiar with the common Indian cuisine terms will make your experience at an Indian restaurant a lot easier and convenient.

Determine your Spice Tolerance

Indian food is naturally spicy. One Indian dish can be spicier than others. When you order food at an Indian restaurant, ask the server to explain the dish to you in detail. This ensures you know how spicy the food will be. Also, this will let you avoid any allergic reactions if you happen to be allergic to the food’s ingredients. You can expect the majority of Indian restaurants to respect your specific instructions if you want the food to be less spicy. This way, you can have a taste of exquisite cuisine.

Be Patient

Often, Indian foods take time to prepare so you must patiently wait. To make the most of your wait, order some appetizers. But, the wait will be worth it when the dish will etch into your memory for a long time to come.

Explore Vegetarian Dishes

These dishes are particularly appealing if you don’t eat meat. Most staple non-vegetarian dishes have a vegetarian counterpart. Thus, you will always have the opportunity to try the classic Indian dishes even if you are a vegetarian.

Savor the Food

Because Indian food must be eaten with as much time as it takes to prepare it, eat a restaurant with a pleasant ambiance. This ensures you can relish the food. A good restaurant is known for its excellent service to ensure every customer will have an incredible experience.

Dane Faron

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