5 Good Reasons to Drink Premium Craft Beer

We Kiwis love a good beer and it doesn’t take much arm twisting to crack open a bottle or can, especially when we’re talking premium craft beer. Whatever your favourite brand of beer, here are a few reasons to make the switch to locally brewed craft beer.

  1. Support your local community – When you search online for premium craft beer and order a pack (or 3), you are supporting your local community. The local microbrewery hires people in your community, from master brewers to warehouse staff and its far better to support a local business than one of the multi-national corporations.
  2. Save money – Contrary to what you may think, craft beer is no more expensive than regular beers and, in some cases, the best pale ales and pilsners can be enjoyed at a lower price than run-of-the mill brands. How to buy the best craft beers? Search online for your local microbrewery and you can order from their website.
  3. The best tasting beer – Perhaps the best reason to switch to craft beer is the premium product, brewed using local produce and ancient European recipes. Whatever your fancy; light, pale ale, pilsner, stout and bitter, the microbrewery offers a top selection in bottles and cans and to start with, why not order a mixed selection? Then you can discover your favourite and stick with that.
  4. Invite your friends – When you have a cooler full of craft beer, you can invite a few friends round for a BBQ and once they discover the delights of premium craft beer, they will no longer buy from the local supermarket. You could organise a craft beer party and make a real night of it; one thing is for sure, when the word gets out, you will have regular visitors who ‘just happened to be passing’.
  5. Visit their venue – Every microbrewery would have a nice long bar when you can sample their beers and get to know like-minded folk who also appreciate fine beer. There’s a debate going on right now; some craft beer drinkers think the beer tastes better in draught form, while other say the cans and bottles are best. Order a few packs for home and then drop in to the bar and see for yourself if there’s a difference.

The microbrewery sector is booming, largely due to the popularity of craft beer here in NZ and why not see what all the fuss is about and order a mixed selection today.

Dane Faron

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