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Custom Wood Flooring

Wood flooring amazes people, which is one of the reasons why numerous homeowners consider this type of flooring option in their house. Regardless of the room where the wood floors have to be installed, it will surely look nice and beautiful. Apart from that, these are budget friendly and does not damage the environment while being offered in different varieties.

Another reason why homeowners love wood flooring is that, it’s easy to maintain. Wood floors also serve as a good investment in the long run given that it boosts the worth of the property. In this modern era, wood flooring can be bought in unique and custom designs like borders, hand-distressing, medallions, mixed media, painting, exotic wood and stain.

There are several things that should be considered when selecting wood flooring such as your budget, the type of wood that’ll be used, the design or style, amount of traffic where the wood floor panels will be installed, the color of walls as well as the rest of the furniture. You should also be aware that there are important questions that you should ask like for instance, are there guarantees or warranties, does your prospective contractor has a license, how much time will be spent for the installation and so on.

There are different types, grades (select, first, second, third, clear) and style cuts (quartersawn, riftsawn, plainsawn) of wood flooring. Not only that, wood flooring style are varying like parquet which is basically a series of flooring pieces arranged in a geometric design, plank hardwood flooring that’s wider planks of wood and linear. The different kinds of wood flooring include engineered wood floors, impregnated wood floors, prefinished wood floors, unfinished wood floors and solid wood floors.

Among the said options, solid wood floors have different classifications depending on what type of installation is needed such as glued, floated, stapled/nail. Other distinctions that have to be taken into mind are the patterns and dimensions, colors like walnut, maple, ash, pear, oak stain white, beech, bamboo, mahogany and so on. There are additionally exotic species available including white oak, birch, cherry, red oak and maple. With the different choices available, customers have literally unlimited options and can combine one from the other allowing them to achieve a true custom flooring.

Styles of wood flooring on the other hand will depend on the room where it will be installed on. Custom designs like medallions, feature strips, accents as well as borders are perfect for formal areas like entry rooms or foyers. Lighter woods are perfect for dining rooms and living rooms while the darker colored woods are used mostly for family rooms and kitchens.

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